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Elster Gas North America

Elster has aligned seven of its business units.  The alignment includes American Meter Company, Perfection Corporation, North American Services Group, Canadian Meter, Elster Amco de Mexico, Instromet Inc. into a new business unit, Elster Gas North America.

Elster completed its transition of the primary business units to the Elster Group as Elster American Meter, Elster Perfection, Elster Meter Services, and Elster Canadian Meter. This strategic initiative positions the company to tap into the growth potential of the gas and water markets on a sustainable basis.

Jon Smith, President of the business units for Elster Gas North America, "This new business alignment enables Elster to provide a one source solution to the gas utility industry. With our extensive portfolio of main to meter products, this new business alignment enables greater focus on the needs of our customers and changing technology in the industry.”

Elster Gas North America provides quality products and systems that are designed to exceed the needs of industry professionals. Equipped with leading technology, highly regarded brands and people, and the resources of the world’s leading main to meter solutions, Elster Gas North America is well positioned to offer new and innovative product technologies to the marketplace and create added value for customers.



Elster American Meter
Looking to the future, Elster American Meter continues to invest in the development of innovative products and services for the natural gas industry. These investments will assure that we are able to continue to provide our customers with the very best value in gas measurement and control.


Elster Canadian Meter
Elster Canadian Meter is a major manufacturer and supplier of measurement and control systems for the natural and process industries in Canada. In addition to a full range of meters, regulators and instruments, Canadian Meter also manufactures and distributes filters and automatic meter reading systems.


Elster Instromet
In the field of high-pressure measurement and precision calibration, Elster Instromet has become the industry's standard. Elster Instromet is specialized in finding solutions to complex and challenging problems that affect the exploration, transmission and distribution measurement of, principally, natural gas.

Our products are manufactured, sold and serviced by Elster Instromet offices, or appointed agents and representatives.  Instromet can offer both single standard products, as well as totally customized engineering systems: from small industrial turbine meters to complete pipeline measurement and regulation stations.

The Elster Instromet Group
The Elster Instromet Group of companies is one of the world's leading manufacturers of gas measurement and control equipment.  With over 20 manufacturing facilities and international sales offices, and with representation  in more than 40 countries, Elster Instromet can satisfy all the requirements of today's global gas sector with an extensive product range covering all areas of measurement, regulation, supervision and control.


Elster Meter Services
Elster Meter Services was formed to meet the needs of the dynamic and changing North American natural gas utilities marketplace. With the mandate to develop and provide complete, value added services within the United States and Canada, Elster Meter Services brings together the measurement, control and information systems expertise of both the American and Canadian Meter group of companies.


Elster Perfection
Elster Perfection is the world’s leading manufacturer of non-metallic mechanical joining products for natural gas and propane gas distribution systems. Elster Perfection’s complete mechanical polyethylene gas distribution system allows installers to make fast, easy and safe connections from main to meter; without using special tools or expensive equipment.