Natural Gas Products


Permasert® Couplings
In 1976, Elster Perfection revolutionized natural gas distribution with the introduction of the first polyethylene, mechanical coupling...Permasert®. Since that time, Permasert® Couplings have been accepted as an industry standard and helped utilities throughout the world simplify service line installations and save money.


Permasert® Large Diameter Mechanical Couplings
Elster Perfection's large diameter plastic mechanical couplings for joining and repairing gas mains are non-corrosive, easy to install and provide the security of knowing you've made a safe, gas-tight connection.


Anodeless Service Line Risers
Elster Perfection anodeless service line risers provide an easy-to-install method for making polyethylene-to-steel transitions. Our prefabricated risers give you the confidence of knowing you've made a safe, permanent meter connection. These risers incorporate our unique pressure seal design, locking the PE tubing in place with pull-to-destruction strength. In addition, our double seal risers allow you to add the security of a below ground, fire-safe secondary seal.


Tapping Tees
The Elster Perfection tapping tee offers gas line installers a unique combination of speed, economy, and security when connecting a service line to a gas main. Permalock low profile tapping tees can be installed in as little as five minutes without the need for expensive heat fusion equipment. The simplicity of its installation procedure eliminates the need for extensive training and multiple-person crews. And like all tapping tees, Permalock tees can be installed without shutting down the main.


Polyethylene Shut-Off Valves
Elster Perfection's PSV family of polyethylene shut-off valves offers proven performance and total compatibility with all PE gas distribution systems. PSV valves are an excellent choice for replacing non-PE plastic curb valves and metallic valves, as well as for new installations. The polyethylene construction of PSV valves eliminates the need for metal-to-plastic transitions, as well as corrosion inhibiting coatings, cathodic protection, federally mandated corrosion control inspection, and record keeping required of metallic valves.


Excess Flow Valves
The safe delivery of gas remains a primary mission of the worldwide natural gas industry. To help accomplish this fundamental task, more and more utilities are taking safeguards to minimize occurrences of blowing gas due to pipe line breaks caused by third party damage and natural disasters. The easiest, most dependable, and economical way is with an EFV from Perfection.

Elster Perfection's excess flow valves are incorporated into our Permasert® couplings and other gas distribution products... making the installation of an EFV as easy as installing these Elster Perfection products. These self-actuating valves automatically close when gas flow exceeds a predetermined rate.


Servi-Sert® Fittings
Servi-Sert® fittings function on the same principle as our Permasert® couplings, providing a permanent, leak-free seal...outperforming all conventional service head fittings. One-piece Servi-Sert® fittings feature a pull-out strength greater than the connected PE tubing and are zinc plated for extra protection against corrosion. Servi-Sert® fittings are available seperately for field assembly.


Prefabricated Meter Sets & Components
Our precision fabricated products allow you to simplify meter set installations, saving you time and money. We will customize these meter sets to your specifications, for either residential or commercial applications.

As an alternative to a prefabricated meter set, we offer a wide variety of meter components. These meter loops, bends, swivels, bypasses and manifolds allow you the flexibility to eliminate as many threaded joints as possible on each installation. You still get the economic benefit of a faster installation as well as improving the appearance of your finished product.


Transition Fittings
Our transition fittings provide a pull-out strength greater than the PE tubing to which they are connected. These fittings ensure a positive seal with added "O" ring protection, making them ideal for gas applications requiring a steel-to-polythylene transition. All Elster Perfection transition fittings are laboratory and field tested for regulatory compliance.


Tools and Accessories
Elster Perfection offers a complete line of tools and accessories to assist field crews during the intallation of our gas distribution products. Among these items are chamfering tools and kits, plastic cutters/snippers, tools for mechanical tees, protective sleeves, tubing end protectors, marking pencils, polyethylene clamping devices, moisture seals and gaskets, and snippers.


Retrofit Program
The Elster Perfection Retrofit is a line of innovative products that allow for the replacement of only the deteriorating portion of natural gas service lines, reducing costs and minimizing excavation/site work.