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Permasert 2.0

Permasert 2.0Permasert Means Perfection, Inside and Out.

For more than 40 years and 50 million installations, Permasert couplings have meant safe, reliable gas distribution.
Perfection Permasert 2.0 from Honeywell builds on that success with an innovative design that features ID and OD seals.
Faster Connections. Lowered Cost. Improved Performance.


Easy Installation
Visual Easy installation in as few as 5 minutes with tools that fit in a pocket.


Nearly any weather
Visual Get a permanent seal without rescheduling: Install in nearly any weather or ther dirty conditions.


Visual Training takes only 1 hour, vs. 4+ hours for electrofusion and conventional fusing fittings.


Visual Cleaner and greener: No power sorce needed, no noise, no pollution.


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