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  • Operational efficiency

    Making your employees more effective and enabling a better return on your assets.


  • Customer satisfaction

    Helping you to be the partner your customers want: reliable, responsive, with a focus on their interests.



  • Actionable intelligence

    Prompt action is important. Even more important? The right action at the right time with the right resources.


  • Interoperable by design

    Elster's design principles revolve around standards, ease of integration, and interoperability.


Products & Services

Elster Perfection offers a complete line of gas distribution products that allow installers to make fast, easy and safe connections from "main to meter" and from "tank to house". Elster Perfection’s gas distribution product line includes our Permasert® system of non-corrosive mechanical couplings, anodeless risers, transitions, valves, tapping tees, and prefabricated meter sets and components.

Elster Perfection also produces water distribution products for polyethylene water piping; and fabricated steel pipe and plastic tubing products for the water heater, plumbing/HVAC and appliance industries.



Product Catalog

Find detailed information to our natural gas and propane gas distribution systems, as well as our water distribution products.

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Gas Depot

Elster launched the industry’s first eCommerce site for purchasing Elster products, parts, and accessories online at
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